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Word from the Lord, 9/13/09

[How excited Christ will be to return and discover a spotless, brilliantly radiant and ready Bride waiting on Him, beckoning Him to herself.  Oh, God!  I pray your people who are called by your name would walk in agape love with one another.  We are brothers and sisters!

His Bride must individually seek more quality time with the Father, abiding in His love and presence before we can walk in unity and love with one another.]

{…this message was given with such a soft and pleading tone…a passionate beckoning…exclamations = pleading}

“Do you see the light?  I’ve emblazoned it upon you!  You ARE that light people are drawn to.  The light, the peace, the very presence of God must radiate and ripple outwardly from you.  Your bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, literally.

Wake up!  Don’t be fooled by Prince Charming ~ wait upon me.  My sheep know my voice but how can you truly know it if you’re too busy or too much ‘in control’ to seek and follow it?  Stop!  I am leading you beside still waters to restore your souls.  Allow me.  I will not force you.  I’m gently calling your heart, softly rapping upon your secret chambers ~ won’t you open yourself to me?

I love you!  ‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ (Jer 29:11)  Stop opening up to unimportant, noncritical things and focus your eyes back on me ~ or on me for truly the first time.

Surrender ~ we haven’t much time.  Allow me to become the lover of your soul that I truly am…I AM.  The enemy  only wants to seduce you, violate, shame, and disgrace you.  He wants to KILL you!  I only want to love you.

Wait on me.  Stop!  Slow down and stop…until there is blessed silence. ~ WAIT ~  As long as it takes and I will fill the silence.  I will show up if you wait.  I will shower you with gifts and pour out my love and grace like never before in the history of this earth.

Do you want me?  Because, I am a gentleman.  Do you truly desire and yearn ~ ache ~ for me?  Are you really hungry…starving?  Can you feel a pressing, physical need for my presence and power?  If so be still and wait for me. 

Go into your closets or secret chambers and seek me in the silence.  Enough muttering and stuttering, I know you meant well but, (I say this tenderly and lovingly), it was ignorance!  ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’ (Hos 4:6)  ~ No more beloved!  I’m asking you… in a time where it is not popular or very becoming to put off instant gratification, in an age where time has truly become the most valuable yet wasted resource, will you break your alabaster box on me?  Will you invest in eternity and my kingdom?  Will you truly seek me ~ daily ~ until I am found by you?!  Oh, how my heart aches for you! ~ Come back into my loving, aching arms.  Let us dance, my beloved, my Bride.”

[Immediately at the end of this I heard a song in my spirit, Kari Jobe’s ‘My Beloved’]

May God richly bless you…