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Jordan is officially CROSSED!



Although there has been little consistency in my posting on this blog…I am going to try and begin posting REGULARLY :)

God is good! All the time! And God is FAITHFUL!  So much has transpired since my last post. God called our family to CALIFORNIA!  I am now an intern with a ministry here and although we are still in transition…WE MADE IT!  Everyday Elijah, our 3 year old (nearly 4), and says, “It’s gonna be a good day!”  Indeed, today is a good day! We are so thankful to God for loving and using us in His greater plan!


I’m not sure where to begin since it’s been so long :(


I had a beautiful career with AAA in which I made over $40,000/year. I was there a few days shy of 2 years and I would have NEVER left the company unless God requested…which He did.  I made wonderful friends while at AAA and had numerous opportunities to serve others while working as an auto claims adjuster. I am a better person for having accepted the position with such a wonderful company! Truly!! I miss it!


On a more personal note, my husband and myself were too excited to have nearly ALL our children with us while we lived in Oklahoma City!  It was loud, it was hectic, but it was what my heart desired…and for a season, I got it.


However, as He does at times, God stepped in and changed EVERYTHING!


I am thankful to God for the time He gave me with the family and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!  The teens said, “No, thank you!” to Cali!  I understand.  Their jumping ship and staying at the family farm allows Israel and I a chance to focus primarily on ministry (and toddlers).  Again, being without ANY of our children is not something we would chose for ourselves, BUT GOD in His infinite wisdom knows all things and we chose to trust God with our children and know He is at work within them, always.  I trust God will bless our entire extended family as they’ve offered to take the teens into their homes as we’ve accepted His call and are walking in complete obedience!


I will go further in depth, hopefully, later, as far as the transition details but it’s been the roughest EVER and God is all over it!  We understand.  We have submitted all of ourselves, our time, our resources, our families, our hopes and dreams to His greater purpose and plan!  We know God is faithful and we are also witnesses this on a regular!


More to come!  God bless you!!!