Surfing in Shifting Tide

The title is definitely an accurate portrayal of my mixed thoughts, feelings, and emotions of late.

Sidetrack:  My writing/vocab skills are increasingly declining…and fast!  I need to read more because it helps sharpen my brain. UGH!

Anyhoo…I’ve been back on my RV idea of late.  It’s purely logical.  A giant bi-racial family: one peep with felonies, two peeps with bad credit, three peeps with dogs, four peeps underage, five peeps super loud, six peeps total = no landlord wants us :(  Let’s keep it real.  If Israel had not been locked up when the old man rented me the cheap, shelter-less, appliance-less house we’re in now, I would have been denied.

Ultimately, we continue to seek God’s direction and will do as He directs which may include an ‘invisible’ option but for now…


Here are the visible options and their respective pros and cons:


1.  Stay where we are

– in the one house that hasn’t been hit YET in our neighborhood

– in a town full of drugs, crawling with creepy meth heads (although to be fair, I have seen these ghoulish people while traveling and living in various places across the nation, these peeps may be everywhere)

– in a neighborhood where the manager of a fast food restaurant across the street was just robbed and stabbed several times

– in a house where we have to find creative ways to cook because when the landlord ‘fixed’ my 1964 built into the wall oven and built into the counter range, gas leaked everywhere (despite his claims the house was safe, I called the gas company and have had the gas to the range and oven shut off)

I haven’t asked the landlord to fix anything since!

– the only upside to this option, the HUGE upside to this: we are already here = no applications = no denials = no hassle of moving


2. Move to Israel

–  for many obvious reasons this is a ‘only if God says so,’ (cost, distance from family, hassle of moving a family overseas, language, etc.)


3. Move to Colorado

– now this is my favorite! I loved living in Colorado (and weed wasn’t even recreation-ally legal then)

– I can transfer my job

– I can volunteer at my prayer house (EHC)

– beautiful scenery

– it’s a healthier environment and CLEAN

– IT’S NOT OKLAHOMA but it’s not a world away from the fam either


4. RV living (far fetched but exciting, my 2nd favorite option)

– no apps, no denials, no landlords

– we own our home :)


– prayer house ministry trips!

– off the grid capable if we feel so inclined


Well, that’s my rant for now LoL. Back to work…more later.



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