Big Changes Coming

I’ve known for a while change was coming, BIG change…and quickly.

Over the past dozen years or so, I’ve learned not to take a tidbit God gives me and assume ANYTHING! I’ve learned this the hard way, by prematurely jumping to many, sometimes heartbreaking, conclusions.

Having said that, I still jump to conclusion in my mind and simply refrain from allowing my heart to follow. This way, I can satisfy my driving need to connect the dots while refraining from becoming attached to outcomes I’ve pieced together. It may not make much sense to others but this strategy works well for me J

So, I heard God telling me “Israel” back in the summer of 2013 and although I’d never had ANY desire to even visit, I accepted. I assumed that would be our next move. I thought I’d missed the “RV” opportunity he’d also whispered to me in 2013.


RV has been coming at me from everywhere and bearing more witness within my spirit. Now this I can REALLY get excited about because I would LOVE IT!!!! I am MADE for road trips; traveling is IN MY BLOOD!

I dutifully ignored the first few ‘signs’ accompanied with fluttering in my heart/spirit that came semi-recently regarding RV life. I know my personality and to avoid getting myself worked up, I know to note yet disregard first ‘signs’ and wait for concrete confirmations which follow if it’s God speaking to me. Like I said, I thought that ship had sailed last year and I effectively missed my opportunity. However, as He loves to do, He has been literally barraging me with confirmations.

Now I’m excited!

I always, ALWAYS said if I won the lotto I would do exactly as He asked. The majority of the money would go STRAIGHT to ministry! What an exciting JOY to be able to live out my calling, finally. Well, I’ve been living out His will mostly anyway but I can’t wait to get to the ‘FUN’ part! I’ve been in training SOOOOOO long LoL

So, I don’t know if I will actually win the lotto. God can make it rain money if He wants. I don’t know how or what will actually happen but I sure hope the RV thing is going down!

And God has been laying the plans for this ministry in my heart since 2008. I have His blueprints drawn in my spirit. I used to shoot straight upright in my bed during the middle of the night hearing his loud voice. I used to cry and pray and pray and cry and ask him “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?!” At that time he wanted me to cry and pray (intercession). That time period of intercession was grueling at times and left me exhausted but was well worth it. I have never felt so close to Him, so rewarded by His presences and love.



At any rate, in any capacity, what a pure pleasure and blessing to serve my King.

Lord, help me to be more like you, Jesus, always!


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