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Meanwhile Back at Work…

Still recovering from pain pills and surgery but I’m back in full swing at work :)  WooHoo!  LoL

I am severely tired but somehow how ready to get the show on the road.  I feel like now since I won’t be getting knocked up anymore, the world is my oyster LOL.

I’m ready to start a work out routine and continue working on our exit plan!  (which should be interesting since the hubs cannot obtain a passport due to the balance of child support.)  They deduct 55% of his check automatically but he is barred from receiving a passport.  Yea, that’s our constitution being trampled upon. What if his father in Nigeria had an emergency?!  Just wow.

Anyhoo…I think I’d rather blog anonymously, I would be much more open and free to share without having to consider any other factors…like will my brutal honesty and overall disdain for our culture bring hatred upon my family, etc.  Ya know.

So, here’s to transparency! :)



Life’s a BITCH

I’m sayin…it’ true! And it’s the status on my new Tango account Israel made me open, which is like facebook for your closest peeps…(in my case ‘peep’).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the beauty of this blog is that NO ONE reads it LOL.  I don’t have to worry about ‘offending’ my good Christian friends or looking stupid to anyone.  I CAN BE ME

And today this is how I feel.  Call me bipolar if you want, whatever.

At any rate, I still want to get myself straight and do my job here on this earth til I can be home.  I don’t know what that job is…but I’m just going to focus more on seeking and loving Him and teaching my babies (and anyone else I have the change to share with) about God love, His character and His plan.

We had a late night, family Bible study the night before last. I chuckle to myself because the kids always roll their eyes and sigh a million times; they’d rather be doing ANYTHING else.  I had such an awful day that I forced us into it.  I’m going to FORCE us into these Bible studies more often!  I’m going to make a three time/week goal for now but my long term goal is daily.

I know I’m PMSing because I bought a can of sour cream and onion Pringles and a ‘box’ of chewy, peanut butter cup, Chips Ahoy yesterday and binged. After I finished about half of each I left them and the kids devoured the remainders after they finished their stuff.  Soooo healthy lol.

Gotta get back on the phone…at work :(  Still thankful to have this job tho :)