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The Line

While I’m certain there’s a line between maintaining an “open door” policy for my children and permitting them to complain about and play one parent against the other, I’m NOT certain I know where the line should be drawn.

I want my children to feel heard, understood and protected and so I value the importance of expressing their thoughts, feelings and concerns. I do not want my children to begin a habit of verbally bashing or ‘snitching’ on their father.  And so I’ve a dilemma.

I listen with an open mind and heart, determining not to become biased, welcoming the opportunity to unite our different pieces and make a healthy, whole family.

Long story short, later the details of my child’s complaint rise up in my heart against my husband and I become angry. UGH!  Where’d that come from?!

So, my question to you…where’s the safest place to draw the line?




Naively, I hung all my hopes on my husband’s return. I thought every child would immediately straighten up and fly straight. LOL  I pictured only the long, passionate embraces and cuddling at night and completely abandoned any references to reality.

Here it is. Reality. The truth.

The truth is one more person was added to the number of people for which I must care and consider. The truth is our children are attempting to suppress the automatic resentment of answering to another parent. The truth is my husband, though extremely helpful, handsome and handy, is HUMAN!

And so we begin our adjustment period.

Lord, forgive my actions, words and thoughts which have neither edified others nor brought you glory. Forgive me for seeking a savior in my husband. Please forgive me for placing Israel on a pedestal while trying to knock him off.

Father help me focus on living for, loving and serving you because only in doing this can I love my family beyond my capability.