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Hurry, Hurry Please January and Help Me We’ve the Past to Bury…


I hear and read others reminiscing upon 2014 tenderly.  Sentimentalism abounds amidst all circles of the human race this very moment.  Only one hour and a quarter hours 2014 becomes history. Finito. Done deal.  I couldn’t be happier :))

I opened my Bible before beginning tonight’s blog because I strive both now and in the future to place God over all else, consistently.  I want no interference and will allow no distractions to successfully keep me from my God ordained calling.  Writing, among other things.

I opened to Ecc 4.  I read about a time, long ago, when oppression thickly cloaked believers and deceived them.  Scripture reminded me that one, when in trouble cannot defend and protect well or uphold adequately.  Two, however, are stronger and more difficult to overpower, and still three are not easily broken.

I feel the Lord is helping me understand that after an emotionally draining year and testing that pushed me far beyond my ability to cope well, He is sending my husband so we may help, sharpen and strengthen one another.  We will further establish our family foundation in Christ Jesus and model His love to others.

Father, thank you for sending your beloved Son to die for my sin and for allowing us to be reconciled with our Father, God!

Falling asleep so I hope this post makes sense.

God bless you all and Have A Happy New Year 2015!

***New Year 2015 Resolutions***

1. Seek God & read His word daily

2. Communicate more effectively; no yelling!

3. Get fit!

4. Save

5. Write daily

6. Homeschool Successfully

7. Visit Israel

8. Move to Colorado

9. Learn Hebrew

10. Take Geneva on a cruise


Overwhelmingly Disillusioned

with the current state of society

with my present physicality

by behavior my children present to me constantly

by my husband continuously not waking up next to me

because of weed, indeed, the prison sentence exceeds expectancy

I bleed, I grieve, I desperately need, stability, permanency

A break from this monotony

my calling decreed, my soul freed, a purpose to breathe

a seed

loving endlessly, a dying breed, a faithful creed, selflessly

meeting others need, successfully, I can finally see

the end of me

to die is gain