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Ch 8 ~ A New Beginning

After all, this IS what I asked for in my last post.  God, however, corrects me already and reminds me of an old, favorite scripture of mine, “He restores the years the locusts ate,” Joel 2:25.  Really, there is not a ‘back to the start’ with God, He places us directly in the same spot where our foot last stepped then forsook His path of life.

I find my heart reciting many new scripture directives along with the old, familiar scriptures throughout this transition.  I always taught my children ‘Life’s not always fair but God is ALWAYS good!’  Ironically, my thoughtful daughter hand wrote this saying on the inside cover of a bible she gave me recently knowing I would find comfort in the familiar phrase.  Thank you, God, for my blessed children who are already led by your Holy Spirit at a young age!

At any rate, here I am…humbled, broken (yet again), and ready to surrender all!  Hopefully my strong will has been forever broken unto the Lord and I can get on with serving Him, His kingdom, and the people in the world who He’s assigned to me.  The devil IS a liar and I will no longer allow myself to remain distracted while the world goes to hell in a handbag!  My country falls around me and I cry and pray and still it’s not enough!  I long to post billboards and stand on street corners with effective marketing which, with the help of the Holy Spirit of course, will help people to WAKE UP and CHOOSE LIFE!

I know that I have far to go and much refining in my future.  I know I am only His vessel yet I have not allowed myself thus far to grow and stabilize correctly.  I am not where I should be in this walk…not by a long shot!  However, He knew in advance how long this journey across the Jordan would take me and being that He chose me from the beginning, I am content to wait patiently on Him.  If I fall seventy times seven MORE times I will always praise, glorify, and wait on Him!

Here is my Chapter 8, my new beginning…and I am eternally grateful to have it!