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It’s been awhile…

And I’m soooo happy to finally get a minute to blog.

My life has changed dramatically!   :)~  By God’s mercy and grace I am, again, living my dream.  Each day I walk in light and love and I understand more about God’s heart towards me.  I knew He loved me…but…  Did you know the Bible says He loves us as much as He loves Jesus and that Jesus loves us as much as He loves the Father?!  If that’s not earth shattering Breaking NEWS, I don’t know what is! (John 15:9, 17:23)

I am beginning my last (no, seriously) LAST semester at TCC, finishing up my associates in Psychology.  Whew!  Yes, I’m taking College Algebra again and YES I NEED YOUR PRAYERS :)  Also taking Adolescent Psychology and Human Relations II.  YAY!  Almost done!  Then I am planning on moving to Kansas City, MO., to attend a six-month internship at IHOP (International House of Prayer).  I felt His leading to do this a year ago but fell back into carnal living for a season (as a dog returning to it’s vomit).  Yeah, it may not be a pleasant verse but it’s true.

I am grateful to be back among the land of the living and loving and thriving in Christ!  I am so thankful for God plucking me out of the fire.  He has shaped, molded and created us specifically how He desired and all for His pleasure and purpose.  Praise God!!!  I am currently on about session #19, Song of Songs teaching by Mike Bickle, and each day I fall more in love with my Maker!  {I feel like if I would have only caught revelation of His overwhelming and all consuming love before I would have lived so differently.  Alas, I know now…after I laid everything on the altar and made up my mind to serve Him with everything I have and all I am.  So…here I am Lord.}  I can honestly say that to worship and dwell with Him forever is the best hope in the world…in which we get to partake!

I’m soooo tired….today truly has been a LONG day and I need sleep!  I just wanted to write an update and blog about a few changes in my life.

  • My good friend, Danielle, is now my right-hand girl in life and ministry!  I am so appreciative that God has joined us together as a team.  She’s like a nanny/personal assistant/housekeeper.  She is whatever I need at the moment and has such a servant’s heart.  God is awesome!  (And so is Danielle :)  She plans to remain serving at my side as we begin this ministry God’s placed on my heart.  We know that as she serves and transitions, in His perfect timing, into her area of ministry, that she’ll have acquired valuable wisdom, experience and divine connections while remaining obedient and faithful for this season.
  • The Lord has given a green light on incorporating and applying for 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.  At the same time He continues to bring along side us people who are dedicated to intercessory prayer.  He is fully in charge of this organization and I’m sooooo excited to see what He has in mind/store.
  • My husband…is still (only) Jesus for the time being.  I am ecstatic that He is so thrilled about me and delights in every detail!  To be honest, I don’t know how any man will ever measure up to this romance!  I almost pity him…LoL  I am absolutely telling the truth when I grin and say that I am perfectly content to be single until God allows my husband to find me.

Well, that’s enough for now.  Just an update.  Life’s been so busy since I’m working alot, seeing patients; saving money for IHOP.

God is AWESOME!  And if you need prayer or encouragement (cuz life is SERIOUSLY difficult sometimes) Please send me a note and I’d love to pray or talk w/ ya :)

God bless,



Bout to start in on the nutrition aspect of life…can’t wait to get fit!!!