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30 Things that bring Me JoY!

“One of the first tasks we are asked to do in the course is to write a “nourishment list” of everything that brings us joy, and to indicate which ones we could see ourselves doing in everyday life. I’ll put a * next to those activities.”

I read this on a blog entitled, This Mama’s Dharma.

I thought this would really be a fun assignment!  I’m writing my list before I finish reading hers so as not to spoil my original ideas.

Things that bring me joy…

  1. water (ponds, lakes, fountains, etc.)
  2. watching the kids blow bubbles
  3. a clean house*
  4. cooking dinner*
  5. reading the Bible *
  6. watching the kids sleep*
  7. the feeling of when I first crawl into bed*
  8. a good conversation*
  9. smiling*
  10. praying*
  11. traveling
  12. singing*
  13. photography
  14. writing poetry*
  15. accomplishment
  16. Africa
  17. butterflies
  18. fishing
  19. peace & quiet*
  20. gazing at the stars
  21. Sunday mornings service
  22. babies
  23. serving others*
  24. hugs*
  25. activities with kids*
  26. ice cream cones
  27. riding horses
  28. being on time*
  29. adventure
  30. Jesus**

Just writing this blog brought me joy :)

Thanks ‘Mama’ for the idea!