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Lately I’ve been super busy with schoolwork as the semester comes to a close.

Lately I’ve been yelling at my kids less and opening my eyes, ears, and heart more.

Lately I’ve realized relationships matter more than my schedule.

Lately I’ve been thinking of changing some things.

Lately I’ve been wondering if being single is really so bad.

Lately I’ve discovered who my true friends are.

Lately I’ve found motivation.

Lately I’ve run out of excuses.

Lately I have squared my shoulders and faced the facts.

Lately I’ve been changing.

Lately I asked myself if he’s really the one.

Lately I’ve questioned many of my beliefs.

Lately I’ve fallen in love with living.

Lately I’ve learned to take advantage of every opportunity.

Lately I’ve reset the boundaries.

Lately I have cried.

Lately I’ve been overwhelmed but haven’t felt it.

Lately I haven’t slept much.

Lately when I do sleep, I sleep well.

Lately I’ve been having strange dreams.

Lately I’ve grown.

Lately I’ve become a stronger woman.

Lately I’m re-evaluating past relationships.

Lately I’ve worked on forgiving others.

Lately I’ve been thankful for God’s grace and extended it.

Lately I’m learning to accept and appreciate my body ~ at any size.

Lately I have been offended less and understanding more.

Lately I have asked for forgiveness.

Lately I’ve cleaned.

Lately I’ve cooked.

Lately I’ve danced.

Lately I’ve persevered.

Lately I’ve loved.

Lately I’ve been sad.

Lately I feel alone.

Lately I’ve asked for peace that passes all understanding.

Lately I’ve made mistakes.

Lately I’ve fallen.

Lately I’ve risen out of the ashes.

Lately I had lunch with Dad.

Lately I’ve acknowledged the little girl inside.

Lately I’ve moved on with my life.

Lately I’ve prayed.

Lately I’ve thanked God.

It’s late…I’m to bed.


What’s on YOUR mind?

There’s massive amounts of information out there competing for space in our brains.  Some issues are actually valid and pressing such as global warming, nuclear summits, 2012, one world government, etc.  Then there is the not so notable news about celebrities cheating and people suing each other.

Anyway, with all this information at your fingertips, I’m just curious…what’s on your mind right now?

A New Beginning

My middle name is Dawn.  A few meanings I’ve found include:  the first appearance of light, daybreak, and…the beginning.  Aha!  There it is.  By the way, Desiree is French, meaning so long hoped for, and Graham is the gray house or gravelly place.  So, in essence my full name means:  a so long hoped for new beginning for a gray,rocky place.  Is that a fair translation?  That is who I am.  In my life, in the lives of my children, and in my family line.

See, my family had been riddled for many generations with generational garbage that was never thrown out.  Curses, entanglements, bondage and ungodly soul ties afflicted and affected much of my family for our entire history.  That stops during my generation.  Instead, the family line, henceforth, will be known as loyal, kind, and merciful.  Lord, help these words come to pass.

My earliest roots are in the original Vikings :)  How exciting is that?!  Fighter…yeah, have you seen my newborn pic?!  LoL.  We knew I was a fighter, since birth!  Moma probably knew even sooner!

Additionally, my lineage may include great dukes and barons, possibly the Dukes of Normandy, and royalty. William de Graham who served King David I and the Great Marquis, religious leader, poet, the most distinguished soldier of his time, (martyred in 1650).  The research of my ancestors on the paternal side proved extremely interesting.  Many nobles and ties to royalty are obvious in the family tree.  Bravery and loyalty run strong in my ancestors’ blood.

So, having said all this…4/10/2010 marked the new beginning for me.  I’d had enough already.

God is so good!  I am so thankful that His mercies are new every morning :)  So, here’s to new beginnings!

More later, I’m falling asleep :)

God’s not calling everyone to Africa…

Just me :)  But seriously, we are not all supposed to pack up and move overseas to live a new and strange life.  We shouldn’t all go to Africa but we should all GO!  The Great Commission is clear…now YOU go!


Who’s important in this equation?  Me?  My wants, desires, or excuses?  The people around me and their opinions?  No, of course not.  Jesus!  The Son of the one true, living God; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  It’s all about Him and helping others to know of His great love for us!


Go and do what?  {Matt 28:16-20}  1) salvation of the lost   2) baptism of the found   3) teach them to obey


Go to school, to work, to the gym, the grocery store or nail salon.  Just go…and tell the world about the love you’ve found in Jesus!  Or have you?  Do you know His overwhelming, unconditional love?  Have you been bathed in the warmth, joy, peace, and love of Christ?  If not, please take a moment to ask God to show you the truth about His Son!  He’s just been waiting for your open mind :)


Because how can we keep silent about a gift so invaluable.  If you won $10 million would you tell anyone?  Sure!  As soon as you could hit the “send” button on your cell phone.  The sacrifice, the blood of Jesus, and the resulting opportunity for relationship with God are absolutely priceless!  Are you excited about how you have been set free, healed, and delivered?  Then let’s go and spread the news, His love compelling us…


N O W!  There’s no time like the present.  Especially since it’s the only time we’re guaranteed :)  The information and relationship we have could be exactly what the next person needs to move forward in life.  We don’t know what’s truly going on inside others lives but God does and He strongly desires to help. Let’s tell the world about the love of God and let’s begin this very moment!  Furthermore, let’s continue with fire and passion until the day He returns!

May God richly bless you!