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Slow and Steady

This is the key!  I know originally my (far out) goal was to lose 50 pounds in 25 days but I knew that was a major stretch and I just figured I’d eat the best foods I could while working out and see how far I progressed.  Well, situations have changed and with the pressure eased up a bit I have allowed myself to delay beginning my workout routine (trying to catch up on school work still) and have also permitted myself to eat about one treat per day.  (Not to mention the wedding of my best friend thrown into the mix with delicious, cheesy lasagna and rich cake topped with tons of butter-cream icing.)

This morning I weighted 213.4.  I don’t know what day it is and honestly I’m not counting anymore since the whole ‘Africa’ trip during spring break has been canceled.  Either way, I am losing and eating very nutritious foods, drinking more water and overall adapting my body to a healthier lifestyle.  I am pleased thus far!

I’ve been rather busy of late and just managed to grocery shop again yesterday.  It was fun just shopping the outer aisles of the supermarket and not even having to go down the middle, except for whole wheat pasta.  I bought veggies at which I’d previously turned up my nose.  Today, for the first time ever, I sliced up a bell pepper, cooked it in my egg, and thoroughly enjoyed the flavor!  Amazing!

Speaking of breakfast, of which I just polished off a full plate, the spread was so colorful and fun!  I diced up my veggies, and cooked one egg mixed with a smorgasbord of ingredients:  the familiar banana and crab, tomatoes, green bell pepper, onion, and fat free cheese.  As usual, I smothered a bed of fresh spinach with the concoction and let the leftover half banana sit on the skillet for awhile.  Upon realizing I needed more fiber, I chose to deliver the egg mixture via whole wheat tortilla.  (Actually, the tortilla distracted from the delicious flavors of the scrambled goodness.)  In addition, a small orange on the side brightened up the plate further and a fresh cup of hazelnut coffee, with skim milk, (added sugar I will unashamedly admit), made for a perfectly delicious morning meal!

I am growing and experimenting with ingredients, flavors, cooking methods, and meal planning all at once.  Whew!  But I have to say this whole health-kick attitude is long overdue and very exciting!  I look forward to getting completely caught up in school so I can shift some focus onto exercise!

Oh, and although the kids don’t appreciate that there’s no ‘treats’ in the house, I make up for the lack of unhealthy sweets by having plenty of yogurt, fruit, and cheese cubes on hand.


Continuing to lose…

So, it’s the beginning of Day 4 and…I am 214.6!  (-7.2#) I know I’ll be losing water weight rapidly at first so this is right on track.  I’ve been eating healthy food and nearly extinguished all sugar and processed foods from my diet.  My goal is to eat as nutritiously as possible without becoming rigid and legalistic about it.  I know if I become my own drill sergeant then I will just say, “Forget it!” and go buy chocolate :)

My breakfast this morning pales in comparison to yesterday morning, at any rate, I’m having a serving of oatmeal with a dab of honey, a banana,  a few baby carrots, and cauliflower.  I couldn’t see any decent way to match spinach on my plate with the other items?!  I know…feeling tired, I had no desire to become too involved in preparing breakfast today, but yesterday’s morning meal looked and tasted much better.  An egg and banana scrambled together and placed atop a bed of fresh spinach, with a side of yogurt.  I think.  Anyway, the latter plate proved much prettier than the one sitting precariously on the edge of my chair, with a bit of banana and oatmeal hanging about it.

I haven’t begun exercising as of yet because I’m still trying to get caught up on school and life after recovering from oral surgery and immediately being sick with a nasty virus.  (It is nice to actually be able to chew my food after all these years of my wisdom teeth being in the way and munching on my jaw!)  This works out well though because my body needs to both heal completely from the bug I had and adjust to this new diet.  Next week I will focus on incorporating cardio and strength exercises, mixed with a little yoga :)  I can’t wait!

So, I planned a trip to Africa during spring break this year and this is the real reason I set the goal of losing a whopping 50 pounds within 25 days.  Now, I will not be going to Africa during spring break, God holds other plans for me.  I must admit a small amount of disappointment when I learned of the change, but I know God has worked out the best possible situations for my future.  And, I’d rather have Francis here sooner than to visit my beloved Africa.  Tough call, though :)  I write all this to say that I nearly caved and quit eating so healthy when my travel arrangements were canceled and I thought, “I have to do this sometime.  Ultimately I am not becoming healthy and fit for other people but because it is the only way to live well.”  Sure, I was extremely motivated by the fact that Francis’ family would see me as a whale, but there is still motivation:  becoming fit and feeling healthy for truly the first time in my life!  Yay!  So, I didn’t give in to the devil on my shoulder discouraging me and tempting me to buy a bag of Hershey’s kisses.

Oh, on another note…Danielle and I went to Subway to eat recently and I purchased one of ‘Jared’s Favorites.’  The chicken teriyaki sandwich was positively delicious!  I thoroughly enjoyed every bite for lunch…and then again as I enjoyed the leftovers for dinner.  While in Subway I paid close attention to the breads, meats, cheeses, veggies, and dressings.  I thought, I can have all of these healthy selections available to me in my own house and partake of yummy wheat pitas full of goodies on a regular basis!  So, I’m going shopping for some more veggies, etc.  Yay!

That’s it for now…stay tuned :)

Losing 50 pounds in 25 days…

Is it possible?  Well according to Jillian Michaels it is very possible.  Of course, Jillian is not here and I am left to tackle this huge obstacle course alone.  The journey will be interesting to say the least.

Today was Day 1 and I did well, I think.  I cooked my first egg white.  LoL  I used to wonder what the point was in people not eating the yolk, the best part of the egg, IMO.  Well, I have to admit, the egg white tasted almost like a regular egg…just not as rich.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I also ate lots of fresh veggies and some crab meat for protein.  I remember sitting down with my lunch and just kind of staring at the plate in disgust:  fresh spinach, baby carrots, cauliflower, crab, a slice of whole grain bread, and a banana.  What’s the point of eating, I wondered.  If a person cannot enjoy food…ugh!  OH!  not to mention starting the day with a nice cup of hot, sugarless, milkless coffee.  Hmm…I could barely manage to suffer through 1/2 cup before pouring the rest down the drain.

Lesson for today…I need to find a really good, health conscience cookbook…QUICK!  The problem?  Ironically, I am a picky healthy eater.  I want to eat mainly fruits and veggies, fresh, boiled, or baked.  I stick to turkey, chicken, and seafood for meat.  And…I’m still not certain why we need dairy at all.  Anybody?

Well, I gave in to my dear friend’s offer of toast with honey and margarine.  (Two pieces)  Then I came home super irritated and drank some of the 20 ounce Pepsi which I purchased last night before I thought of this 50 in 25 idea.

Now, I’m really hungry but just not enthusiastic enough for more cauliflower…hmm.  I thought of giving in and eating a previously purchased microwavable meal but my roommate just scarfed it down…so…I’m going to bed hungry.

The exercise today consisted of taking the kids swimming at the Y.  Not much exercise, but tomorrow’s another day :)

In summary…Day 1 sucked royally.