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Amazing Grace

On this Easter Eve, I am both excited and calm at the same time.  I am amazed at the goodness of God while humbled by His sacrifice. 

What is man, that you should love me, Lord?  Who am I?  Your child, by your grace. 

Thank you for loving me enough to send your son, Jesus.  Thank you for his birth, both a fulfilling of prophecy and an example of humility, and thank you for his life, lived in obedience with compassion.  Thank you that he was tempted, and therefore understands my struggle.  Thank you for his stripes, by which I was healed, for  his death and resurrection which made a way for me to love you, God.  Thank you that I’m a new creature in Christ and seated at the right hand of God in Christ Jesus, thank you I’m blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ, that I have the mind of Christ and I know your voice and will not follow a stranger’s.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

The pattern reveals that without Christ, the rest means nothing.  That is, nothing worthwhile or beneficial.  His Word is alive!  God is drawing me near.  He is patient, long suffering.  Thank you, Lord!

Am I rambling?  Well, it IS 4 AM!

I just wanted to share some amazing things God is doing in my life right now…

I opened the mailbox today and pulled out a $66,000 check!  Oh, yes!  It’s two and a half weeks shy of the 1 year anniversary of Moma’s passing.  I was down to the last minute, moving next weekend.  Would I have to quit school for a season, pay the mortgage, and sue the insurance company?  No!  Because I prayed, believed in faith, and God came through!  The last minute thing is becoming a pattern here, Lord…

Also, yesterday I opened my mailbox and received…an acceptance letter to ORU!  This is just to the school, and not the nursing program.  I think I’ll go ahead and finish my pre-reqs there.  Why not?  I’m guessing any class would be better if taught by spirit filled teachers, right?  God is so amazing….seriously!  They said in my letter that they’re giving me $3000/yr and $12,000 total scholarship, off top.  I still have to apply for other scholarships.

But wait…there’s more!  No, seriously.  God is confirming so many things in my life.  Family and friends have come to me and to share what God has placed on their hearts, thereby confirming some things he’d placed on mine.  (Like the timeline until I move to Africa, job opportunities, etc)  As I draw near to him, and he shows himself more and more, I am left helpless and weak.  As I withdraw, he is exalted.  In myself, I can do nothing, but with Christ, I can do all things!  Thank you for your faithfulness, Lord!  Help me to rise up and reach out as I seek to love and edify others.  Help me to see people as you see them.

Thank you for this, the day we celebrate your raising Jesus from the dead, God!  May I never lose sight of the blood of the lamb.  May I run my race and keep my eyes focused on the Lord.  Praise You!