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Snowflakes are individually unique, magnificent and pure. There’s joy in snow!

There’s a white blanket out there covering everything; it’s beautiful, really. Snow angels, snowball fights, running and playing, carefree and content. We had a great time! I remember doing that with my mom when I was about 15, before life got complicated. We put her scarf on the snowtoddler we made :)

My babies sure are growing fast! (Can’t even keep them to stay in a size of jeans for long) I’m just going to love them and enjoy them for as long as I can, and hope in the end I’ve imparted a love for life and the Lord. They’re good and happy kids, really, and their strong spirits are a wonderful asset to the kingdom of God, even if it takes a great deal of extra strength and effort to shape and mold them.

Thank you Lord for my little snowflakes.


Plan B

God doesn’t have a Plan B for you.  He doesn’t need it.  Though we have free will, He knew all along what choices we would make and planned accordingly. 

Isn’t it funny that we have Plan A, B, and C.  In addition, we are quick to think through and weigh out 15 different scenarios and the potential outcomes in a matter of seconds.  At times, having done everything else in our power, not even thinking to look for God in the situation, we finally ‘resort to praying’.  But He truly is the hope to the hopeless, the light to the darkness, the Alpha and Omega.  The great I AM.  What a mighty God we are blessed to serve.

So, I didn’t make it into nursing school.  Onto Plan B.  Or Plan C…I’m not sure.

Plan B – reapply and enter into the spring ’10 nursing program at TCC

Plan C – finish prereqs at TCC for an associates  in pre-nursing and transfer to the ORU nursing program in the fall ’10.  I’ve desired to attend ORU all my life, that’s my obvious choice, but let God’s will be done :)

And about the ‘Plan B’ mission trip… I drafted my letter and flyer and I am believing God to raise the $3500.  Thankfully, the organization sent me a book which addresses the ‘fear’ of fundraising.  Perfect, these people are awesome!  I also received two other books; one about the country, and the other about the difference in our religions.  See, the wonderful thing is, I feel God is leading me to just love the people and let the love of God shine through me in their lives.  I am so blessed and excited to serve on this medical trip!

Any path you take to God’s will result in Plan A being fulfilled if you don’t stray, or if you return when you’ve strayed.  I love the verse in the Bible that says, “He restores all the years the locusts ate.”  Ephesians tells us to stand firm in the armor of God, and when we’ve stood, stand some more.   As long as we continue, we cannot be defeated.  We all fall, but unless we remain down when we fall, we already have the victory in Christ Jesus.  Our instructions are just to stand and praise God, His mighty plan will unfold.  Not only for us, but for the people our lives will affect either directly or indirectly through our faith and obedience in Him. 

Hey, if  He will use a donkey, He will surely use everyone of His faithful children.

Lord, help me to stay on your path, at every turn, every curve, and every decision.  Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil.  Thank you for your angels that surround and protect my family, friends, loved ones, everyone reading this blog, and myself.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Life’s not always fair, but God is always good!