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A Day to Remember

What an incredible, amazing, wonderful, blessed, beautiful day! 

After hurrying to see my patients (daycare closed early) and doing some last minute shopping, I was blessed with the beautiful sight of ALL THREE of my babies getting baptized!  I am still so full of joy from the experience.

We’d discussed ‘being saved’ pretty recently.  I volunteered to help with the Toys for Tots this year at our church and after the training session I began to think that this ‘counseling children’ thing was so incredibly easy so why hadn’t I done this with my children already.  LoL  Well, upon talking to the children about accepting Jesus into their heart, my two younger children said that they had, in fact, accepted Jesus with my help.  (I had just forgotten.)  I guess that’s a good thing.  We talk about Jesus so much that I didn’t actually stop to ask Isaiah that day in the car when he repeated the simple prayer after me if that was his first time in doing so.  It was.  After thinking for a moment, I remembered the previous conversation and I was grateful I had played a part in both his and Geneva’s salvation! 

{{This is where some people question salvation at such a young age ~ To all of you I ask, “Are you 100% clear on every aspect of theology now?!  Neither am I, but I’m sure glad I’m saved anyway!”}}


The next week I began asking them if they knew what it meant to be baptized.  Nope.  I explained that it was a step of obedience to God as well as a kind of show to others that they’d made a commitment to God and Jesus, an outward expression of their inward decision, etc.  They told me over the next couple of days that they wanted to be baptized.  You can imagine my surprise when Pastor Alex announced that the church would have baptisms before the Christmas Eve service.  I was so excited!  Then I got serious about whether they were old enough to take it seriously.  After talking with them individually, I felt sure about Jaden and Geneva understanding and sincerely wanted to be baptized.  Isaiah, on the other hand!  I tried to talk him out of it…LOL  He looked at me, so sincerely, with his puppy dog expression and little brown eyes and said, “But Mommy I want to obey God.”  How could I refuse?! 

It’s quite possibly the most beautiful moment of my life thus far, witnessing the baptisms of all my children on Christmas Eve.







Geneva, afterwards

Geneva, afterwards

I am so proud of my three little soldiers!  This was my Christmas present!  (And Moma, I know you were watching too!)

The service was great too!  And it was also the kids’ first time to participate in communion.  I had the privilege of teaching them the meaning behind that as well.


A Rambling

medical-globeWARNING:  The following writing contains fragments of thoughts which may not display suitable coherency for A type personalities or linear thinkers.

Having said that…

I’m 99% sure I will begin clinical nursing school in August!  There’s no way I can describe my feelings when I first realized there was actually a chance I could begin the program in the fall.  I am putting the final touches on the application, etc.  I take my NET (Nurse Entrance Test) on Jan. 3, so pray for me! LoL I’m actually going to buy the study guide, so….  Also, I have to get another TB test ~yippee!  Gotta love those needles.

Even now, I’m overwhelmed when I imagine the end of this journey.  (The end of the second leg of this journey :)  <<<<The end of the first leg was graduating from Victory Bible Institute/Victory World Missions Training Center….in 2007>>>>>  The third leg is obtaining my pilot license, possibly also a degree in aviation maintanence….but that’s a long time in school again so I’d rather God just supply me with a husband who has both already :)  Either way, I know I’m supposed to get at least a pilot’s license.  AND THE FOURTH LEG IS  R E L O C A T I N G   to Africa!

My mind, as usual, is all over the place.  (Nevermind that I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours.)  First, I wonder, how long before we move to Africa?  How long will I work as an RN here in the states?  Should I go on to get my BSN?  When should I begin training for my pilot’s license, and which program should I pursue?  UGH!!!

~ ~ ~ s L o W    D o w N    b R a I n ~ ~ ~

Okay, so anyway, I’ve learned not to make a whole bunch of plans because they usually get all messed up by the Holy Spirit. LoL I’m still not sure why this knowledge doesn’t deter me.  Even now, I’m working out the answers to the aforementioned questions in my head.  Does it stop?!  Men don’t seem to have this problem as much, it seems.  I want very much to go relax in my ‘nothing box.’  (Gotta see the series by Mark Gungor to understand that one)

In the end, I have to give the credit to God because despite my best efforts to (unwittingly) thwart, or further delay, His plans for me, they are coming to pass.   Thank God for that!

Okay, I give up!  This is painful.  Nite :)

One more thing though, before I go.  I don’t know if I mentioned previously or not about my trip to Africa next year.  I had made it a point after mom died to not look for any trips, but instead, to consider and pray about opportunities that presented themselves to me.  I had several possibilities that I seriously considered, including:  South Africa next Sept. with Thrive Africa, Greece in July with school, and back to the Dominican Republic in March with Victory Christian Center.  Although the desire was present to participate in all of these trips, I had no peace. 

Finally, I believe I have found the trip that is right for me.  A medical trip to Egypt, North Africa, towards the end of July/beginning of August.  This trip includes the basics of what God has placed on my heart which is ministering through medicine to Muslims in North Africa.  So far I have peace, and the dates seem like they will coincide perfectly between the end of my summer semester and beginning of nursing school.  I hope this is the one!

More to come…

Submission, Submersion, Sanctification

I am always amazed at God’s effort on our behalf!  When people wonder where God is and if He cares for them or their individual situation, I find myself praying they will <<be open to>> receive a fresh revelation of His love.

My good friend, Jennifer, gave me a testimony of how her sister basically got a miracle straight from heaven the other night!  There was no denying that God had orchestrated a series of events just for her.  I have had times in my life when I knew He had done the same for me.  What an incredible feeling!  There truly is no high like the Most High!

Wow!  What a title for this entry!  And yet I’ve no idea what I’m going to write.  Holy Spirit, do your thing!

I want to begin by copying and pasting an interview I had with T. Suzanne Eller on a site called Momlogic.  I feel this excerpt will cover important elements in my faith journey:

“I said a prayer of salvation at 16 when a friend in school invited me to a youth celebration. (I didn’t even know it was a church function.) Nothing much changed until I had encounters with some ‘Rhemanites,’ a water, and a Holy Spirit baptism! I began to understand, somewhat, the meaning of a real and personal relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I began going to church regularly around Easter of 2004. (The free Easter egg hunt lured me in.)

“I joined a faith and Spirit filled church where the preacher was a world renowned Bible teacher. I was fed soup, salad, meat, veggies, AND dessert…fast. My knowledge of God and the Word seriously exploded! After three years I recognized what God had planned for my life, changed my college major to nursing, and attended Victory Bible Institute/Victory World Missions Training Center. I finally had direction in life and it felt/feels GREAT!

“Having said all that, for a long time while I was sitting under great teaching in church and school, I had refused to let some things go in my life that I knew were wrong for me. We all have different things God’s dealing with us on, and some things may not even seem wrong to others, but we know and feel that they’re wrong for us. (Does that make sense?) Anyway, it wasn’t until I truly fell on my knees, broken and humbled, before God, willing to surrender anything and everything, in response to His overwhelming love for me, that I truly began to live! I would give up all my hopes, dreams, plans, EVERYTHING just to sit at His feet and love Him! I found this was the moment God had been waiting for. I now walk in a peace, joy, and contentedness that I have never known before in my life.

“Now there are so many opportunities to help and encourage others, as well as the incredible blessing of God flowing freely in my life! I can’t describe the difference!”

Thank you to the ‘Rhemanites’ I referred to in this quote.  Thank you for seeing past the outward appearance and attitudes to tend to my spirit and soul!  For this I will be eternally grateful!  [Joy(Mitchell) Wegener, Beth & Todd Davis, Brandon Shadek, and all the others I forgot to mention!] 

I have put it all on the line.  God asks “Would you remain single indefinitely if I could better use you to minister?”  After a few moments and a sigh, I answered, honestly, “Yes, Lord.”  (Can I just be honest about this?)  God inquired, “If you never step foot in Africa, never even live outside of the United States, would you prefer me still?”  Quickly now, “Yes, Lord!”  Now as I type this, I recall from years ago, God’s haunting question, “Would you leave your children behind?”  I only cried that hard a couple of times in my life, but my answer was the same.  I remember looking up to God and wondering why He would have me do such a thing as leave my babies behind with my aunt to raise them.  He wouldn’t.  He won’t.  I knew upon asking the question.  He simply wanted to know where my priorities were.

God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, my priority is only you.  I long to spend time with you and know you, really know you.  I want to cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh, I want to hurt when you hurt.  Let me see people through your eyes.  Touch their lives through me.  I yield my clay vessel unto you.  Thank you for giving me all my hopes, dreams, and desires but if they never come to pass I will be content in loving and serving you in anyway I can.

I’ve put myself completely on the altar.  Every hang-up, every hurt, every inch.  Though the living sacrifice tries to crawl off, I will not have it.  The past along with it’s wrong & bad decisions stopped here.  I REFUSE to go around the mountain AGAIN!! 

My life feels like a fairytale most days.  I am overwhelmed with joy, peace, patience….ALL the fruit of the Spirit!  Thank You!!!


So my ceiling fan fell out of the ceiling…

Here I sat, praying and journaling, when suddenly….creak…CRASH!  Seemingly in slow motion, my ceiling fan lowered and lowered and fell onto my living room floor, shattering several glass bulbs and breaking the glass light fixtures.  Pink insulation, different colors and textures of glass shards and the white ceiling stuff lay scattered on my carpet beneath the imposing fan.

Is this a sign??  How or why in the world did that happen?!  (followed by) THANK GOD MY KIDS WEREN’T THERE!  Is it possible?  I would say all these thoughts swirled simultaneously through my head.

Yes, in the previous couple of hours my children were cozily spread out among our living room on pallets while enjoying a movie.  Had this ~now gigantic looking~ fan fallen then, it would’ve crashed down squarely on top of one or two of the children’s heads, glass and all.  Not a pleasant thought!

God is so good!  I try to pray over and plead the blood of Jesus over my children EVERY SINGLE DAY and this could be a great example of how this practice helps!  I don’t know, but there’s a strong possibility that angels, (who are sent by God to help and protect us), were holding that fan up until after my children were safely tucked away in bed for the night.

A long wire, containing other wires, hangs down out of this hole in the ceiling.  I know if I turned the light switch on and someone touched the wire that an electrocution could occur.  This knowledge is not comforting and tomorrow I hope the landlord will be here to fix this!

Lord, thank you for protecting me, my children, and our belongings.  You are so faithful, merciful, and compassionate, and for that I give you all the praise and honor.  I love you God!