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So I’ve been trying to sell my SUV for 6 months!  Ugh!  The whole time my cousin wanted to buy it but she was unable to sell her Camry and eventually we cancelled the idea.  Yesterday I put my Xterra on Craigslist for like the 100th time. <sigh>  I figured since gas prices have gone down so much there would be more interest.  Plus, I drove it around yesterday hoping people would call in response to the three ‘for sale’ signs in the windows.  Nope.  (But a couple people did show interest from Craigslist.)

In the meantime, I had advsided her that I was pushing to sell the SUV again and driving it, etc.  She  responded that she was going to try again to sell her car again so she could buy the Xterra.

I prayed with her, through text message, that the Camry would be sold that day, then prayed aloud to God to let it be sold so that she would recognize the presence of God in the situation and understand He truly cares for her and all her needs.  (I had been praying heavily for her during the last 2 weeks to develop a deep, intimate relationship with the Lord.)

Previously when she had been trying to sell her Camry, there was NO real interest.  To make a long story short, she sold the car yesterday!  God is so faithful!!  And now she has seen a direct answer to our prayer.


Change for the US of A

Well, I sit here waiting for President-elect Obama to address the nation as I wonder what the next few years will hold for us. 

Before I write more in this post, I’d like to include my reply to a Christian Momlogic forum which asked how we chose a candidate:

Well, this is a very good question! Let me begin by saying that I didn’t like either candidate. But I’m passionate about America, so…

When choosing a candidate I try to disregard what others are advising simply because I want my vote to be MY vote, based on education. (Popularity had absolutely nothing to do with my decision.) I began by looking at the voting records of the candidates, I watched the convention speeches and debates, and I reseached the candidates as much as I could. I even went to the library and checked out one of Obama’s books. I was also a pretty unhappy Republican because of the national debt issue and the war…. so I definately didn’t want more of the same type of administration. In my mind it came down to abortion versus a failing economy and possibly nation. I wrestled with this for awhile. I felt the ‘conservative’ Republicans hadn’t actually acted conservatively and couldn’t be trusted. I decided to support Obama. I got behind it 100%! I got the sticker, the button, and I volunteered.

Then I remembered I hadn’t prayed about it?! I felt so foolish. To make a long story short…I voted for McCain, though I still didn’t like either candidate. So ulitimately, after ALL THAT, my faith determined my decision.**

**I say this because it’s true for ME; God led me the direction He led me. I understand God can lead people in different ways and by no means am I implying that anyone who voted for Obama did not hear from God. (only an individual can truly know if he has heard from God)

God bless America!


I can’t really explain how I feel right now.  I can say that as I watched Obama walk up to the podium to deliver his victory speech, my heart began to race and I felt suddenly panicked.  ?!  I can also say that as he began to talk I became overwhelmed and actually cried.  I have no idea why.  But that’s all I can do is describe my reactions, my emotions were too complex for even me to understand. 

Now, I’m resigned to the future.  I will accept, honor, and pray for our President-elect.  But somehow I can’t shake the feeling of impending doom.  Is it the lingering effects of the scare tactics from the Republican campaign, the Holy Spirit speaking to me, or just the side effects from fasting?  Only time will tell.

Again and again and again I say, “God bless America!”

I’m going to bed!

Halloween 08

Halloween 08

Pirates & a Princess


This Halloween was different.  As Oct. 31 approached I felt heavier in my spirit, and after several days of prayerfully considering the upcoming ‘holiday’ I finally I told the kids that we wouldn’t be going trick-or-treating door to door anymore.  I explained, to the best of my ability, why it was no longer safe.  The more I explained to them, the more I thought to myself how the old way of celebrating this day used little common sense.  I mean, if we teach our children, for example, not to even talk to a stranger then how can we justify leading them to door after door of strangers asking for candy?!  Wow!

Anyway, we attended a church celebration down the road and the kids enjoyed games, candy, and inflatables.  They had a blast and then we went to my aunt’s house to visit.

The next day I read in the news how a 12 year old boy was shot to death while approaching a house which had the porch light on.  The child and his family were walking toward the door when a young man inside shot through it.  The boy’s father and brother were also injured, but survived.  What a horrible, horrrible tragedy!  After praying for the family, I immediately thanked the Lord for His warning.

May God bless the 12 yr old boy’s family!